When the hubby is away, a Thrifty Decor Chick will play...and play I did with quite a few fun projects. When I say "fun," I know most of my friends would rather claw out their eyes than do these "fun" things, but it is heaven to me. :)

Let's see...first off, I started with the retreating of the bathroom window, which you may have seen...then I moved on to trying this whatchamacallit out with my own little spin:

I bought a huge pad of paper at Goodwill for $2.99. (First glance..."Ugh, who would want a big pad of paper like that?" Second glance, "OMG it's perfect!!") Used a hot glue gun and fabric I already had to cover the ugly binding and bought cheap drawer hardware that I painted to hang it. So caauute! I think I may paint the knobs apple green though, not sure. Our son LOVES it. The crayons are up high on a shelf though, thank you.

Onto the next project, another one in the Boy's room. My Dad and I built built-in bookshelves in his room when I was pregnant. I wanted to add a window seat between them but we never got to it. We tried doing it earlier this year but because I'm Anal Annie, we can't make it the way I want. So because I'm thrifty, I said forget it for now. This toy chest was from Target and I put the letters on there to spruce it up a while back:

So I decided to make it a mini-window seat. I got foam, cut it to the size of the lid:

Took the lid off, spray adhesived (adhesived? A word? Sure.) the foam and the lid and then started covering. I wrapped a thin piece of batting around it that I already had:

Another I-can't-live-without-it tool -- my staple gun! Then I took the fabric and wrapped that around too...

Here it is in all it's cuteness...and it's pretty comfy too!

While we're up here, let's admire the view. GORG!! (Taken from Kath and Kim, get used to that one!) We are so lucky to have this amazing land behind us. The Midwest is beautiful right now! OK, onto more! Yes, there's MORE!!

I have this light in our kitchen that I got for $30 at Lowes. (Yes, $30. Don't hate!) I like the shades but they needed a little somethin'.

So here they are with a little somethin' and some hot glue:

Love. It. The trim is the same trim I put on these, so it works perfectly!

You'd think after burning my fingers with the hot glue fifteen trillion times this weekend that would have been it. But noooooo...not for me! I did a couple other projects that I will show you later. And I'm trying to work some magic with this purchase from my b-day shopping:

Stay tuned Chickees and hope you had a great weekend!!

P.S. I can't thank you enough for all the comments -- I love them! I am trying really hard to comment back or e-mail you all. If I haven't gotten to you, I will! Thanks again!