Oooohhhh aren't they SO spooooky???? Hee! Too stinkin' cute to be scary, I think. I love my cheesecloth ghosts...this is SUCH an easy project! I warn you though -- it is extremely messy.

I did these last year so I don't have step-by-step pictures, but the basic ingredients are glue, warm water, balloons and felt for the faces. To make them:
  • Blow up a few balloons in various sizes.
  • Mix equal parts water and glue (I'm not sure of the exact amount -- I can't find my directions).
  • Soak the cheesecloth (cut up to the sizes you want) in the mixture, then lay them over the balloons. (By the way, the cheapest place I've found for cheesecloth is the grocery store.)
  • Leave about a day until they are very hard. Then you can pop the balloons and peel them off.
  • I used felt to make the faces. In the end, each ghost will end up only costing you pennies, especially since you probably have some Elmers laying around!

There are many different recipes out there but this is the easiest and it worked great! I thought it would be fun to mix some glow in the dark paint in there too. I guess they make "Stiffy" stuff that glows now.

One item I can't do without anymore, whatever the season, are my little LED tea lights. I started grabbing them up a couple years ago after Halloween and I use them in my candle holders where you can't see the candle. We have three very fat cats with very fluffy tails, so they are almost a necessity. (Don't want kitty to go POOF!!!) Plus with a little one around now, they are great to have. They even flicker! You can get them for a steal after Halloween and I just saw them at the Dollar Store the other day.

Whew, I was busy today...I know I've had a fruitful day when hubby comes home and notices everything I've done! (And loves it!!) Here's another project that was inspired by Cherry (check her out, she is SO creative!!) over here. I'm not sure how she did hers exactly but when I saw it, it got my wheels turning...

I took these items -- wooden pumpkin, sparkly scrapbook paper and leftover ribbon:

Used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the pumpkin (see his smiling face?):

Used an exacto knife to cut the excess paper off and got this:

He was a little rough around the edges so I sanded him down a bit. Hung him with the ribbon and here you go!:

I think I'm going to make about 10 more of these cutie patoots!! Love it! Total cost was about $2 for the pumpkin and $2 for the paper. (YES, $2 for a sparkly piece of paper!)

I have many more spooky projects to show you tomorrow (you'll be sceeeeeered!! Not so much.) But now I must sleep!