My stepdaughter that is. She's not grounded very often. I am not kidding when I tell you we are SO lucky with this girl. She's a GOOD, sweet, kind-hearted young lady. I hear awful stories about daughter's turning into back talking, door slamming, zip-lipped children when they hit their teens, and she's stayed so sweet and true even up to 18 years of age (most of the time -- and I know her mom has dealt with a little more of the 'tude over the years than me.) :)

So she's grounded right now, and it's driving the girl nuts. To get out of the house, she comes to only other place she can go besides work and school -- our house. And I love it. We used to spend so much time together until about a year ago when her social life got in the way...but I was prepared for it. I did the same thing to my dad and stepmom. ;)

She's been around this week and it's great to have her here -- she loves working on little crafts like me and she is really talented. (She's making me some caauuute coasters!) While she's been hanging out I've done a couple Halloween projects while she's worked on hers.

I got a couple signs for cheap and painted them white, cut out BOO and added some ribbon and stickers. Cute, yes? Not earth-shattering but for $1.50, pretty adorable.

This one I got from Erin over here...she has such cute ideas!! I saw these little containers at Hobby Lobby and couldn't figure out what to do with them, so I put them back, and then that night, I read her post. Of course. (DARN IT, another trip to HL, too bad!!) I got the .99 containers and used paper I already had. So cute! I love it!:

But don't be a DUNCE like me if you do this -- screw the lids on before you do the letters. DUH, Ace. So this needs to be redone:

I did laugh pretty hard at this though. Maybe it's time to put the crafts away.

Here's one final project I did last week. I had to show you a close up of the little tags on my black pumpkins. I love how they turned out!:

Alright, I'm ready for Christmas! Come on come on come ON!!

P.S. I think I said "cute" about 12 times.

P.P.S. I may be too late on this, but go to The Secret is in the Sauce today for a ton of giveways and some GREAT blogs. It's a great place to find new, creative sites.