I love to organize. Most days you wouldn't know it from the state of our home, but I blame that on the two-year-old, Hurricane Bub. I have a sickness with it, like this, but this sickness I haven't really shown you here yet.

This year was the Year of Declutter in our house. I decided last December that I would scour every. single. crevice of this house and get rid of anything we didn't need and organize everything else. It's taken all year long, but I've (almost) done it! It is the BEST feeling! My favorite transformation is our unfinished basement -- the change is amazing and I'll share it soon.

So with the new year approaching us, I figured we should share some inspiration and get organized in 2009. On January 12, I'll ask you to share the ways you organize your home (I'm going to use that cool Mr. Linky thing!! Yay!). I've seen some really cute ideas on various blogs and I know there are so many fun ideas that out there that we need to share.

Yes, it is October and I'm talking about January. Planner, much? I told you I have problems. So get ready, and think about those fun, easy or cheap ways you organize so you can inspire us!

P.S. Any respectable organizer MUST have the Dymo label maker, used above. Ahhh, you'll label everything! Your kids, your cats, your husband!!

**Edited to say I moved the date for this back a bit, so we could all get Christmas put away, the house de-garlanded and could breath for just a bit before jumping into another party.