Mud room bench, done!! Mud room bench, done!!

HELLO! It’s Friday and the bench is done! Can I get an AMEN? Last I left you it looked like this: Not bad but not done. Like I said, ...

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9:17 AM

Colour canvases of Mexico... Colour canvases of Mexico...

True to it's name Rang Decor presents the colours of Mexico;-) If walls could be art, Mexico is a museum! A visual post follows. (Image...

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7:56 AM

My favorite appliance My favorite appliance

Hello friends, it’s almost the weekend! Thursdays rock. I was SO hoping to have the mud room (well, the part I’ve been working on) done to...

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7:09 AM

The feeding station The feeding station

Hello from the tundra! It’s SO fun to wake up to icicles forming on the inside of your windows. Good times. I’m planning to get a ton done...

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9:02 AM