42,000 hits. A Diny. And more. 42,000 hits. A Diny. And more.

First of all, y'all who make their beds every day...seriously. You make all us slackers look soooo bad!! (50 percent of you said you mak...

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12:10 PM

Last minute Halloween. Last minute Halloween.

First of all, drop everything and get to Target!! ALL their Halloween scrapbooking stuff is on clearance! They have some caa ute stuff! Sec...

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6:49 PM

Third time is a charm? Third time is a charm?

I'm on drapery No. 3 in our dining room. And I think I'm finally happy...but not done yet! More about that later. First, another sho...

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7:01 PM

My poor Bub. My poor Bub.

Just wanted to leave a quick note tonight -- would love some thoughts and prayers for our sweet Boy. Nothing too serious, but he's in a ...

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7:13 PM

An announcement and a few things An announcement and a few things

Well, I am completely humbled by all your sweet comments on my laundry room. You all know how to make a girl feel good about herself, really...

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7:20 AM

Spray paint finger. Spray paint finger.

Does anyone have a cure for the pain of spray painting? I have spray painted SO MANY THINGS over the past five days, I've lost count. I ...

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7:08 PM

A little bling... A little bling...

Today we picked up some simple earthern diyas ( lamps) and laced the edges with long forgotten roll of sequins:-) If you have some lace, seq...

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5:39 AM

Have you been BOOED? Have you been BOOED?

Our neighborhood does this little tradition every year, and it's one of those little things about the holidays that I love. This year no...

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7:12 PM

Things that make you go hmmmm... Things that make you go hmmmm...

How does this: Become this: In less than five minutes? But it takes about twenty to clean it up? And the bigger question -- why do I contin...

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1:09 PM

More about me and nap time for you. More about me and nap time for you.

OK, so I guess one of these wasn't really an award, I was tagged. I was still super excited though, so I'm going to say it was an aw...

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7:39 PM