ugly brass knobs, you. Ugh.

Or you, one-handled faucets that have lime all over them from before we got a softener and I don't heart you because I can only replace you with another one-handled faucet...

Please, just shield your eyes...

You, you silly faucet that's waaaaay too short and I bang pans into you every. day.

And yes, even you, ugly light fixture in our closet. (Yes, I want to replace the light fixture in the place that no one will ever see. I'm a freak, you already know this.)

And you. AGAIN, I REALLY don't heart you.

Or YOU in all your brassiness.

And finally, YOU, in your I-look-like-I-was-installed-in-1988-instead-of-2004 faucet.

Now, I would never say I hate anything in our home. I love our home like a part of our family, really I do. But there are some things I just don't care for. AT ALL. And most of them are things I can't do much about until I hire someone. I have changed out many light fixtures in this house, but the one pictured here is up in the loft, about 15 feet up. Don't you doubt for a second I haven't considered risking life and limb on a 12 foot ladder to change them out. Numerous times. Really. I stand there and think, well, if I have someone stand below in case I fall...

Changing out faucets and knobs are about the only handy thing I haven't done in our home, but I can learn and I know people. So buh bye faucets and knobs...your days are numbered.

The brass fireplace thingys are only magnetized on but Hubby likes them. So I'm going to get an oil rubbed spray paint to redo them. Ugh.

The best part is we built this house and got to pick out every little thing. But when we picked all this stuff out, hubby was all "OH, we need a sound system." And "Oh, we need a security system." And "Oh, let's upgrade our carpet so it costs upteen trillion dollars!!!!" ...I was about to have a heart attack. So when the sales chick said "You really probably want to have us do this, not you." I said, "Are you mad woman?? Give me the cheap brass!!!!" (Never mind that I am thankful every day that we did upgrade those things. I hate when he's right.)

And lest you think, "Well, at least it's all clean!" You so KNOW I wiped this all down before I took the pictures. Ack!!