Whew. I need a break. It's been a long two years, few months, week, day of election stuff, and although I always enjoy the whole process, let's just say I am quite done with the whole thing. (At least for four more years.) :)

So tonight I worked on a baby gift for my friend Lesley, who I hope at this moment is either in bed with her feet up or on the couch with her feet up. She's on bedrest with her second child, and it sucks, I know. I had to do it for three weeks, in varying degrees.

Especially if it's your first pregnancy, you think, "Awwwwww yeah!! I don't have to work! I can read magazines, surf the net, watch soaps and eat bon bons all day! FABULOUS!!"

Wrong-O. It wears out. Fast. And it's quite easy to get down and overwhelmed.

So I have been thinking about my friend the past few days and wanted to make sure I got her gift done soon. I started with some small hard canvases...

Drilled holes in the sides:

Then wrapped each board with fabric, added the letters and tied it all together with ribbon:

Cute, yes? I am happy with it. I hope it makes you smile Lesley, it's on it's way to you tomorrow. And no, this isn't the only part of the gift. It's cute, but not that cute. (Gotta make sure to include something he can actually USE.)

The best part -- since you live half way across the country, I'll never know if you really put it up!! HAHAHA!! Brilliant!!

P.S. I'll have my first Christmas craft to show you all tomorrow. FUN!!