I am humbled by all the comments, I'm not kidding. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. And a HUGE shout out to Heather over at SITS. Thank you SO much. I LOVE COMMENTS!! Yipee! I'm in heaven today! I logged on this afternoon and about had a conniption, I had no idea why I had so many. LOVE. IT.

So you see how I ended the HO's -- all day I was trying to find just the right little snowflake to go on that last block. Couldn't find what I wanted. Got home -- stared at the foam letters. There it was -- "!" Well, duh. So it's all glittered up and I love it! A few of you (I missed you AnNicole!) suggested it and I laughed out loud when I read those comments (after I had already done it!) -- great minds think alike! ;)

The other day over at Kimba's place, she was showing off some of the beauteous monograms that are out this season. I covet these and long ago had an idea to do one with the big honkin' cardboard letters you can find at JoAnns. I got my garland today and did it in about 15 minutes...(well, more like 30...I'm trying to convince you of how easy this was, OK?!)

Started by spray painting it green, then I just started wrapping like mad...

Stuck a few berries in there...

Hung it with some extra Christmas ribbon and voila!

That sad ribbon needs some fluffing and I still need to fill in a few spots. I can't decide if it looks good or just like a furry green "S." What do you think?? It would help if I used expensive, gorg greenery, but I'm thrifty. Not happenin'.

Total cost was $5 for the cardboard letter and $7.50 for the greenery. I'll take it for $12 instead of $35 or more (plus shipping!!). Have any of you attempted one of these?

P.S. I filled the tank of my SUV today for thirty. freakin. dollars. If the economy wasn't in the crapper and our investments weren't losing thousands by the minute, I would say that rocks!!

P.P.S. I try to visit all of you -- but good Lord there's no way that's happening this time. :) If I haven't visited you and you want me to, just tell me to come by! I love seeing new sites!!