My mind is positively swimming with projects I have done, I am planning on doing, and I WANT to do. Does this tell you anything???:

You know how you sometimes wonder, "Wow, how does Hobby Lobby stay in business with such great sales?" Uhh, that would be ME.

It's so bad lately, they know me by name when I walk in -- instead of "NORM!" -- it's, "SARAH!" And it's not just hello, like, "Hello-customer-like-everyone-else." It's hello like, "Well hello there, I-have-seen-you-15-times-this-week-and-it's-only-Monday."

I was thisclose to running to Lowes tonight to pick up supplies for another project...but I stopped myself. Because I already have ALL of these to finish up...

This I got at a garage sale for $15!! A-door-able! Can't decide what color I will paint this yet...

These...(Oh kitty, you look GORG!)

This is part of the inspiration for the Bub's big boy room: (clearance for $15, yahoo!)

My Uppercase Living order I still haven't done anything with:

Ohhh, Homegoods, you are TOO good to me -- $15 BABY!:

Five bucks for this one, and it will hold the Boy's books in his room:

I'm going to TRY to make this into a Christmas tree stand: (for $3!)

I got this today for $.99 at Goodwill -- I have grand plans for it. Three women were trying to grab it from me while I was in the store, and I was fighting the old biddies off -- BACK OFF WOMEN!! It's my Christmas topiary/branchy/greenery/berry thingy!!

My craft table. Egads. Help me.

This is one hidden on that table:

So is this one -- a buck!!

Ohhh, here's part of my goodies for my first giveaway! Yaaay!!

And I can't wait to show you what I do with this one! ;)

Could you all just please stop posting all these cute, cheap, quick, awesome projects that I want to copy that minute??? Puhleeeze? My husband is I am begging you!!