So since the Bub was at the 'Rents last night and this morning, we decided to take this opportunity to go vote early. We knew we'd be in for it...but thought on a Sunday it may not be as bad.


BOY were we wrong. Everyone in our county thought the same thing. So I created a quick voting survival guide to use when you go vote. Wish someone had told me. Sheesh.

First, one of these. Cause you'll sit. For a long time. And you need something lightweight to drag after you when you do move:

Second, because you'll become parched. Especially when you see every. single. other. person in line has one:

Third, magazines. You'll need all of these, and you'll be able to finish them all. Serious:

Finally, this:

For when you walk around one corner, then another, then another, and realize you still haven't found the end of the line:

And you'll need some to pass out to these people behind you:

And when you're done, you'll need one of these and a nap:

I hate beer and I could have handled one. :)

All this being said, I say GOD BLESS AMERICA. How fantastic that we all will wait for hours to vote. How awesome Americans are this involved. How wonderful we are so passionate about this election.

I just hope my guy wins. :)