Matsya Matsya

I am a big lover of Indian art & crafts and when I came across Matsya , I was completely amazed by the lovely products created by artisa...

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6:54 AM

DIY~ Bulb Plant Holders DIY~ Bulb Plant Holders

Rang Decor reader, photographer and home decor lover~ Meena Sriram from Ottawa, Canada shares with us a simple but beautiful do-it yourself...

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9:34 PM

Happy Monday! Happy Monday!

Here are some cheery yellow flowers from my home to brighten your Monday:-) I received a beautiful gift, a ceramic incense holder, it was so...

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1:26 AM

Hotel Mandawa Haveli. Hotel Mandawa Haveli.

We chose Hotel Mandawa Haveli , a haveli built in the 18th century by a wealthy Marwari jeweller for our stay at Mandawa, Shekhawati, Rajas...

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1:05 AM