God made iPhones for bloggers God made iPhones for bloggers

I think I have died and gone to heaven. Remember my taped together phone from my last post? So many of you were so sweet and harassed me, m...

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10:36 AM

The easiest, cheapest, custom drapes EVER. The easiest, cheapest, custom drapes EVER.

Have you ever lived with something in your house for years and YEARS, not in love with it, but liking it OK, just fine with it? And then you...

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6:52 PM

Little updates Little updates

ACK! I've been cleaning like a mad woman! I'm hosting a party just for the girls this weekend and am doing just what I swear I won&#...

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8:17 PM

The Old Courtyard Hotel The Old Courtyard Hotel

On our recent vacation to Fort Kochi, Kerala, we stayed at an old Portuguese heritage hotel called The Old Courtyard Hotel on Princess Str...

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8:16 PM

A lamp transformation A lamp transformation

I have found the only bad thing about buying from consignment shops is the no return policy. (Consignment shops are different from thrift s...

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8:05 PM

DIY shower curtain DIY shower curtain

It ain't got no alibi. Our shower is UGLY. Yeah! Yeah! It's ugly! The shower is the ONE item in our house I couldn't get our bui...

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6:50 PM

Garage sale season is here! Garage sale season is here!

I know many of you are HUGE garage sale fans. I mean, you love garage sales like I love Goodwill. That's BIG people. And it's spring...

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6:31 PM