Khazana: Curated treasures on Lyndale Ave | Minneapolis Khazana: Curated treasures on Lyndale Ave | Minneapolis

Serendipity it was! One weekend we were walking around, exploring the streets of Lyndale Avenue in Richfield and next minute we were ente...

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7:50 AM

Haven 2015! Haven 2015!

Yes it’s Saturday and I’m blogging! :) This is just a very quick announcement to let you know that our annual blogging event, Haven Conferen...

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6:01 AM

Dark Door Trim Dark Door Trim

Hey there all and happy Friday! I’m editing this post to let you know I changed it up from the original content. Above everything else my ...

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8:48 AM

The Mundane The Mundane

Well my friends, the no spend month is ending soon. I can’t say I’ll be sad to see it go but it sure does help me refocus when I do this. Wh...

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8:15 AM

Final kitchen island plans Final kitchen island plans

Hey there! I’m back with an update for the plan in the kitchen and I am SO EXCITED because I think I finally have the island figured out. It...

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8:12 AM

Making (DIY) art pop Making (DIY) art pop

Hey there all! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Hope those of you in the NYC area are stocked up – please be safe over the next few days! Re...

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8:19 AM