Well hello! I am interrupting the DIY and decluttering this month to talk about an AWESOME project I’m involved with that kicks off tomorrow.

I’ve had a plan to write an ebook for years now (a DIY-focused one) and that plan has stayed just that…I just haven’t dedicated the time to it yet. So when the folks at Ultimate Bundles contacted me about pulling together a DIY ebook, I was all in – cause they helped me do it. ;)

We picked about 15 of my favorite DIY projects from the blog and put them into the ebook – and they are projects many of you have seen through the years. BUT the awesome part of this is the “bundle'” part – they have pulled together a TON of ebooks on so many fun topics and you get 76 of them (yes, 7-6) for less than $35. Most ebooks cost $5-$15 each so that price is just crazy good.

ebook bundle

This one is called the Ultimate DIY Bundle and I have to tell you I’m stoked to get access to my copies. There are crafting and event books (printables, gifts, entertaining), home and garden books (creating your own natural cleaning supplies and personal care products), home decor (my DIY ebook, furniture painting, thrift store transformations), and a bunch more including books on photography, sewing and scrapbooking. I mean, a ton of great info.

Here’s my cute little ebook:

thrifty decor chick ebook

:) I’m excited to read so many of these so I thought you may find them worthwhile as well.

You can go here to purchase your ebooks -- this DIY Bundle will only be on sale for six days. It starts this Wednesday morning (the 21st) at 8 a.m. EST and goes until next Monday, January 26. I was impressed that they offer a 30-day full refund as well if you aren’t happy with all of the content.

So there you go! I’ll be back this week with a few more simple projects I’ve finished up recently. I’m getting so much done in this no-spend month!!