Hey there all and happy Friday! I’m editing this post to let you know I changed it up from the original content.

Above everything else my goal is always to blog with integrity – and whether I believe I’m doing that at all times doesn’t matter if even a few question it. I shared a knock off project today that struck a nerve with some, and even though most were incredibly respectful about it, people were going back and forth in the comments so I chose to just remove it. I can take criticism, I just don’t care for drama. :)

I’ve shared knock off projects for years now and will continue to do so – but I decided to remove this one just to avoid any more back and forth (and I took down the comments on this post for that reason as well).

So…this post is now a super lame one with two pictures about the door frame I painted in the mud room. It’s very exciting, I know, please calm down.

I have to tell you – painting the beadboard in this room a darker color (it’s called Reflecting Pool) was a out of the norm for me but I LOVE it so so much. I painted the door trim white last year but quickly realized it looked off with the rich color everywhere else. So I got one frame painted in the blue and it looks so much better!

You can see the difference between the white trim on the left and the blue on the right:

beadboard mudroom

I’ve started a fun little gallery wall that brings in some more bright colors that look great against the white walls. I got the Happy Place sign from Meijer but it was at least a year ago. The raindrops art is from Hobby Lobby – absolutely love that one!

This room has really come together over the past year but I still have a long list. I have to finish painting the trim, cut down a piece of beadboard and install it over by the light switch, paint the ceiling, install crown and build the storage unit over the bench in this room:DIY mud room bench

I LOVE how it’s coming together though!

Yes, that’s all I have for you. ;) Don’t forget Monday is the February Before and After link up and then I have a BIG project I’m super excited about that I’ll be sharing next week! Have a great weekend all!