So today I’m sharing some deep thoughts (Deep Thoughts by Thrifty Decor Chick…please tell me I’m not the only one old enough to know that one.)

Jack Handey

Thoughts about blogging. Blogs are a virtual magazine to me…and you know my unhealthy obsession with magazines. And catalogs. It’s a problem. But when I find a great blog I actually look forward to sitting down at the end of the day and pouring through it.

Blogs are the bomb…free inspiration and tips and tutorials. When I find a beautiful blog with a house I love I’m in heaven!

I’ve noticed a trend lately though and it’s given me pause. SO many bloggers are calling it quits. And when they do they just…stop. I’m not saying anyone should feel obligated to explain their lives or why they make personal decisions, but I understand now that readers become invested and concerned.

I’ve also noticed a TON of bloggers move to posting at Instagram instead of on updating on the web. I actually love IG now – I thought I would hate it. Another one of those, “this is what I’m doing all day” things just like Facebook. (That was the whole reason I avoided FB for years too.) But I really enjoy sharing on Instagram and searching around as well. I have found SO many incredibly talented people there and I get all excited, go to their site find that they’ve stopped blogging. It always kills me because I’m a house freak and I’m dying to see more. ;)

I’ve seen many say that they are only doing IG and not blogging any more for the sake of time. I get it. Us old fogies who started six, seven, eight years ago have seen the massive influx of new bloggers, especially in the DIY/home decor niche. I personally love it – duh, I love houses and blogs and blogs that talk about houses. But I can understand that being one of those newer bloggers is tough.

And I think blogging comes off easier than it really is. Let me be clear here – I don’t think blogging is hard. There are times, yes, when it is. Those times are rare for me because I say no a lot and I just love having the freedom to blog about what I want. But there are times when I have deadlines and I’m only one person and the kiddo has practice and homework and a cat puked on the project and the dog wants to go out 15 times and husband is out of town and I feel like I’m never going to get this done and at those times, yes it feels hard and is stressful. Even in those times though, I still say this is the best stress I’ve ever had. 

And like I said, those times are rare. I find this to be a pretty fantastic gig. So fantastic that it’s a dream come true for me and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else…so I don’t think blogging is hard. But that’s because say no often, don’t look at my stats every day (or month) and approach this all with some levity – I believe it is what you make of it.

Anyway, I understand why so many have stopped blogging – you don’t realize how time consuming it is until you get into it. I read the other day that many blogs are going to no comments, and it honestly made me a little sad. Again, I completely get it – most readers comment on social media anymore and responding to comments takes time. Since Facebook is a jerk and they want us to pay to get our updates out, you probably don’t see those at all. Instagram is certainly where it is at now. But in general comments have dropped and I guess bloggers don’t want readers to feel obligated to do so – but goodness, I think that’s my favorite part of blogging. I love hearing your thoughts and I learn a lot from you all.

I guess it’s just got me thinking – when a blogger quits after becoming successful at it, is it because it was too time consuming? Life gets in the way? They hated it? ;) Have you noticed this lately with blogs that you follow? I know of at least ten that I used to read that have stopped in the past year. I’m biased, I’ll admit. I think this is the best job ever, but I started a loooong time ago. I can’t imagine starting up in the past couple of years. It has to be way more intense than I ever had to deal with.

I’m not going anywhere soon, just so you know. I don’t see myself blogging forever…I mean can you still be Thrifty Decor Chick at 80 years old? ;) But you’re certainly stuck with me for awhile – as long as I love it I’ll be here! Have you ever started a blog and stopped? What was it that made you do so? If you have a DIY/home decor blog and want to share a link in the comments, feel free! I’d love to check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!