OMG!!!! (Squealing like a 13-year-old girl!) OMG!!!! (Squealing like a 13-year-old girl!)

THEY. ARE. COMING. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Finally the day has arrived! Yes , I squealed . Blew out my hubby's eardrums. My girlf...

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4:37 PM

Five dollar Spring projects! Five dollar Spring projects!

Hope your weekend was GREAT! It snowed here today. Ugh. So it was fitting that I worked on Spring projects, eh? I'm joining Lindsay ove...

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6:35 PM

How to install a dimmer switch How to install a dimmer switch

If you read this blog waaaay back when , you know how much I luuuuv me some dimmers. I think lighting is one of the most inexpensive and eas...

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6:27 PM

Four ca-ute projects under $5! Four ca-ute projects under $5!

And three were under TWO BUCKS!! Awwwww yeah... And yes, some involved spray paint, of course. Remember the little tool box from the previo...

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7:16 PM

Summer inspirations... Summer inspirations...

The magical season is here. Summer. Days of alfresco dining. Sheer white curtains fluttering in the cool gentle breeze. Floral tablecloths, ...

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9:08 PM