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**Edited to add that I've extended this for the giveaway till Saturday at noon. So keep linking till then! And you are still welcome to keep posting after that just for fun!

It's here! It's here! I don't know about you, but this time of year just makes everything more fun. I guess I find I'm more thankful for the little things right now too. I don't know what it is, but weeks ago, while shopping, I thought of this idea after I must have said "OH, how CUTE!" about fifty trillion times while eyeing all the Christmas stuff.

And that's how this fun post came about. So all you have to do is either create a post and link to it here, or link to a past post. It can be ANYTHING!! How about your favorite TV show right now? (Kath and Kim.) Or your favorite food? (Cinnamon Bagelfuls.) Your favorite song? (Darius Rucker, "It won't be like this for long." Dare you not to cry.) Favorite holiday decor? (Magnolias.) Toiletry? (Oil of Olay warming scrub. Ohhhh, love. it.) Home decor? (New flannel sheets from Target. Only $20 for a king size!) Anything! Have fun with it! If it's an item you buy, tell us where you get it. If you made it, tell us how. If you cook it, give us the recipe.

And if you don't have a blog or Web site, don't fret! Just leave a comment (everyone else please comment too!) and let me know by leaving your name or e-mail or something I can identify you with.

And for all'll be entered for my fantabulous giveaway! Well, not fantabulous, just kind of fabulous, or a little fantastic, either way. I've just been grabbing fun stuff for weeks as I've been shopping around. Some is Christmasy, some isn't. All my favorites right now, all fun:

Hot chocolate
Bath salts
Christmas kitchen towels
Pine scented BBW home spray
Christmas scrapbook paper
Holiday scrapbook items
Popcorn (you knew that was coming!)
Dollar bin stuff from Target
Santa matches (Precious!)
Pine cones you can glitter to your heart's content
Santa sign
Fun and easy recipes for entertaining
Reindeer food for the kiddies to sprinkle on the lawn

I'll draw the winner this Friday. So until then, Linky, Linky ladies! (Taken down for the time being because of Explorer issues!)

P.S. The reindeer food and the pine spray aren't in the picture because my frazzled brain can't remember where I put them. I'm thinking of about 32 projects I want to work on right now. It will come to me tonight when I am just about to drift off to sleep...then I'll have to get up and run to get them so I don't forget again. Bear with me.