A self taught artist, who doesn't restrict herself to one single medium and paints on just about anything. She has transformed mundane things like tea kettles, buckets, plates and even a foldable chair into pieces of art.
Aarohi paints with acrylic, oil, pastels & watercolours. Her acrylic paintings of Hindu Gods with her funky twists is quite interesting.
I am completely in love with these Ganesha paintings!
A little bling, a little kitsch, with unrestraint use of colours makes her work really beautiful!
If you want to get your hands on these colourful pieces of art, you are lucky!

Aarohi is having an exhibition of her art at
The Oxford Bookstore,
Leela Galleria,
Old Airport Road, Bangalore
from the 21st November to 23rd November 2008.

She describes her work on exhibit as 'My take on India, folklore, and dance amongst others. Varied expressions on objects of everyday use. Kettles transform to lovers meeting amidst zebra stripes. The ubiquitous Autorickshaw drove through my art on its way to London too! Things I see around me represented onto objects to form art.'

So if you are in Bangalore, do visit 'Art by Aarohi' exhibition.

( Images from Art by Aarohi.com)