And I'm riding around on the back of the convertible, flowers in hand...tissue dabbing a tear...(and I was shafted on Homecoming Court THREE YEARS in a ROW so don't think I never had that image in my mind!) But I'm not bitter. I digress...

You all are the BEST and I am so happy to have so many new visitors! I am so completely honored that Kim featured me and feel so fortunate to have you all checking in. I hope you will stick around!

I've been busy eating apples (DANG we got a lot) and finishing up fall around here this weekend. I'll post more tomorrow. But I leave you with a conversation between my husband and I this evening:

He went to the book store and I called him on the way:

Me: Hey honey, when you get there, if you see any fun Christmas magazines, can you grab one for me?

Husband: What?

Me: Magazines -- if you see any Christmas ones, grab one.

Husband: Christmas?? (In his but-it's-only-October-5th-and-it-looks-like-Halloween-threw-up-in-our-house-but-it's-not-even-here-yet-and-Christmas-is-three-months-away but loving tone.)

Me: Yeah! Christmas. (In my what-are-you-crazy-I'm-done-with-fall-and-done-with-Halloween-so-what-am-I-going-to-do-for-the-next-two-months,-learn-how-to-cook? but loving tone.)

Now, to most men, saying "Hey honey, can you pick out a Christmas magazine for me?" would strike fear in their hearts. But my man came through with flying colors. When I came up for bed, there it was waiting for me. And it's a beaut. I can't WAIT to share some of the fun ideas I've already found.

And will he ever be sorry. :)

P.S. While searching for that awesome homecoming picture, I found this. And I think it's real. Which makes it even funnier. I think I'll have a problem with No. 4.