Doesn't make sense to you? Me either. Started with the $6 pumpkins at the grocery store. Had them in my cart, and thought, wow, $12 for two pumpkins I will throw away! I should just go spend the $40 on the fake pumpkins!! That way they'll pay for themselves in, say, FOUR YEARS?? See my reasoning here? My husband doesn't always get it either, bless his heart.

So off to Hobby Lobby I go, get my Funkins, love them. Then we go to the beautiful farm this weekend, and you can't go apple and pumpkin picking without buying pumpkins. I mean, it's sacrilegious or something, isn't it? I think it was the cider, because I easily dropped $40 that day, on pumpkins and apples. Geez.

So here are the fifteen million pumpkins, and we don't even really have a porch. I think I made it work: (not sure what to do with my witch broom)

Don't you just LOVE those tombstones?? I even added glow in the dark paint to them. I thought about getting some bones from the Dollar Store and sticking them in the ground in front of a few of them...I have more around our trees:

Here is more of the decor around the house. I think I'm done now. (I think...)

I made these last year by taking cutouts from the Web and using stiff felt. Pennies each! I put them on the windows and they look great at night!

Here's another cheap sign: (Looks like "Beware of the fruit" right there...I should move that.)

I'm obsessed with these pics from Hobby Lobby for a buck each...I put them everywhere!:

Not sure I'm loving this, but I got a package of these teeny tiny pumpkins for $1.45 on clearance from Target last year. At that price, this will do:

I buy the leaf garland and pull the leaves off and use them EVERYWHERE:

More Southern Living for you lovas out there...

And I leave you with a close up of the fireplace. I love how this turned out!:

I'm putting a list together of my recent projects -- where I got them and how much they cost, for your info. Stay tuned!

P.S. What would you do with these? I painted them black, with plans to spell out Welcome on them...but the pumpkin ridges won't allow for it. Any ideas?

P.P.S. Thanks for all the great ideas ladies!! Kara inspired me with her suggestion, so I ran out and got tags tonight and did this. I think it's stinkin' cute!