I am looooooving the wall words that are out right now -- I found out about them when a friend started selling one version of these, from Uppercase Living. When you see this stuff, you'll think, "Oh, how cute!" And you'll buy one of them, put it up, and after you stop cursing (they are kind of a pain), you'll realize, holy crap, these are TOO COOL! Then you will look all over your house for spots to put more of them!

They are basically just vinyl cut outs that you rub and transfer to the wall. I like Uppercase Living because you can do custom orders -- they have a bunch of fonts you can use and you can go pretty large with the size. But I'm pretty sure other companies that sell these offer the custom orders as well.

Here are a few I've done in our home...

I've been using them in my client's homes too. They are just fun and cute! Just a warning -- you'll really love them (I promise) and will seriously roam around your house trying to figure out where to put the next one. Just try to take it easy with them -- you can go overboard. The nice thing about them is you can put them on other decorative items (like a tile on an easel) so they are not just all over your walls.

There is another option, that will save you a little money and a lot of time. (If you are like me -- when you want it, you want it NOW.) Any vinyl signage store can make these for you too. You probably have about five of these places near you and don't even realize it. They offer a MUCH better selection of fonts and colors. And they can get them to you in a day or two, instead of a few weeks. I've found the price to be about the same, but if you mention that you will order them through a company like Uppercase Living if you can't get a better price there, they will most likely give you a bit of a discount. Getting them in a few days compared to weeks at the same cost is worth it to me.

If you are interested, go to the Uppercase Living site and you should be able to log on to look at their catalog. You'll be calling a consultant to have a party tomorrow!! I've warned you! :)