Couldn't resist. ;)

Recently, three friends of mine have mentioned redoing their children's bathrooms. (FUN!) When it comes to decorating kid's spaces, many people express a hesitancy to purchase a whole set for kid's rooms -- and I wholeheartedly agree.

Great examples of this are the sets from Pottery Barn Kids -- this nursery, for example, includes everything you could need with the boat theme:

It's ADORABLE. But, I think the most interesting rooms (AND less expensive!) happen when you find a couple pieces you love and work off of them in the room. Although you can definitely save some cash doing it this way, it does take more time and patience. It's all about taking your time, shopping around and finding things here and there that will work in the room. For this boat-themed room, you could use the rug, and take the colors from that to pick out the bedding -- maybe a solid or something with a stripe from another store. Then change up the textures for the window treatments, pillows, etc., while staying in the same color scheme.

For bathrooms, the same is true. Target has a great selection of kid's bathroom sets. They have everything - trash cans, toothbrush holders, cups -- even shower curtain hooks that match! Try working off the theme and getting creative with it. Take this bathroom set:

Use purple and pink towels instead of those that come with the set. Get a striped shower curtain that works with the colors and find a fun butterfly stencil or vinyl lettering and put it in fun spots throughout the room. Find a pink cup instead of the one from the collection. The fun comes when you find something in another store that works PERFECTLY with the set. You will be so excited! :) And everything doesn't have to be an exact match -- for this room, every butterfly doesn't have to look like those on the set. But they should have a similar shape or color.

Getting the whole set is easy, and is always cute and looks great. But if you want to put your own spin on the decor and maybe save a little money, try getting a little creative with the room. Have fun -- you should have a good time decorating kid's spaces!