So I did it the right way this time! We have an armoire that I have loathed forever...I almost dragged it out to the garage sale this year just because I am so over it. It has a very country feel to it that I just cannot stand anymore. But, turns out it's a really nice piece of furniture. And I REALLY didn't want to drop at least $600 on a new armoire.

So I decided to paint it...the right way. Started with primer, let it cure, and then three coats of black paint. This project only cost $10 for paint. The most important parts of this kind of project are using primer to start and letting each coat of paint dry fully. I painted the knobs (that I had replaced a while back in an effort to update the piece) with a bronze glaze and it makes them pop. I also filled in the grooves on the front of the doors so the beadboard wasn't quite so noticeable.

Here's the before:

Here's the after...

Black paint transforms just about anything!! It still has a bit of the country look it, but I think it looks so much better now.