Heya! Happy weekend, whoooo! I’m ready for some rest, hanging with the family, a little shopping and some DIY, of course!

I’ve decided to do a “House Happy” post maybe a couple times a month – just sharing pictures from around the house or from out and about that make me smile. Some will be from Instagram or Facebook, some just from stuff I snap with my phone.

I found these CAUUUTE mason jar soaps at Bath and Body Works earlier this week:


They are plastic and I may have gasped when I saw them, too darn cute. They come in a few different scents.

I passed up the first fiddle leaf tree I’ve seen ANYWHERE around here because I can’t find a definitive answer on if they are toxic to cats:

fiddle leaf tree

I’ve read they are toxic on some sites but I’ve also found numerous people online saying their cats don’t even try to nibble (the leaves are really thick) or they do and are fine. Anyone with cats have one?

Speaking of cats, we got our latest kitty almost a year ago now and she is a HANDFUL. I’ve had a cat pretty much every day of my life and she is by far the feistiest one ever. But she makes us laugh pretty much every day, and she loves her Bub:

Nya kitty

They fell asleep like that the other night. :)

I found this quote on FB and shared it this week:


I consider it one of the greatest blessings of my life that this has happened to me. :)

If you are looking for fun books to read with the kiddos we highly recommend the pigeon books:

pigeon kids books

They are SO funny. We all end up cracking up by the end, they are a joy to read!

I’ve been working on some storage for the laundry room – I had to come up with a way to make the cabinet taller so this is it:


It looks horrible there but I swear it will make more sense soon. ;)

I was browsing one of my favorite antique spots last weekend and laughed out loud at this:

This is so not me by the way, but it’s dang funny.

My kid is pretty much the most awesome kid ever, for so many reasons -- but one is that he likes going through model homes with me. He will see one while in the car and ask if we can walk through it – love him. And then when we drive by a regular house and I say how pretty it is, he’s like, “Can we go inside??” I wish my boy, I wish.

Anyway, I saw this in one of the model homes and thought it was cute – the faceless ballerina kind of weirds me out, but I LOVE the tulle tutu idea for a girls room:

tutu on wall


I saw this one on Facebook the other day too and could not stop giggling about it:


We had a sunny day here today for the first time in all of March!! It is melting away the snow and I can just taste spring!

And finally, best news in a long time for NKOTB fans – they’re baaaaack!! I’ve already got my concert tickets for this summer, aww yeah! The video for their newest song was released yesterday and I know I’m a little biased but it is the most entertaining video I’ve seen in a really long time. (OK, it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen any videos, but for real.)

I love how it’s shot, I love the idea behind it, the music, the guys (HELLO) – so fun. Check it out here Blockheads:


Have a GREAT weekend! Chat with ya Monday!!