So I'm leafing through the latest Pottery Barn catalog the other day when I see this...

These are $79 for the set. What a fantastic deal (dripping with sarcasm). You have GOT to be kidding me. Really? For pictures of forks and spoons? Do you KNOW how easy this would be to do? And it would be even prettier if you did it yourself. I know, I know, it would take a little more time. (All of about ten minutes more than ordering them online.)

Pile some stinkin' flatware together and take a picture, no flash. Print it out on glossy paper, frame it. I could do it in 15 minutes and guarantee it would look better. (I'm waiting for a dare here...)

When my good friend Krista buys something new, half the time I say, "Do you know how easy that would be to make yourself?" Hehe...snicker. Krista, this one's for you!