I hate you, Bath and Body Works, with your thrifty coupons. Not so thrifty, really. I went in to B&BW yesterday, 21-month-old in tow, to use two coupons -- one for something free and one where I got a free $10 Halloween soap pump if I spent $10. So after 15 minutes of trying to keep the boy's hands out of the displays, I am desperately trying to find something for JUST $10 because I am DETERMINED to not fall prey to the coupon trap. I worked in marketing for ten years -- I know the deal!

Until I realized I was spending money to get a $10 soap pump I would NEVER spend $10 on at say, Target, if I saw the same thing. AND I couldn't find the coupon for the free item when I got into the store! Blasted Bath and Body Works!! They got me anyway...

I went in to get this:
They didn't have any left, so I got this:

And spent my $10 to get my free $10 on these:

Yes, I took a picture of my feet while laying on our bed. Thank God for laptops. But really, aren't these the cutest things you've ever seen?? My husband just laughed at me, but I love them! They are soooo comfy and soft with little treads on the bottom so I don't wipe out on the hard floors. Brilliant!

Who do they remind you of? :)