I wasn't painting anymore rooms in our house? Did I say that here? Well, if I didn't here, I told everyone I could -- I'm hiring out from now on. Well, I lied. My impatience got the best of me and I just couldn't take it...

When we moved into our house, I painted a wall in our master bedroom above the fireplace. Then about two years ago, I painted the wall behind our bed and added two tone stripes. Well...the other three walls (we have five walls including the fireplace wall) were white for all those years since. I couldn't stand it anymore, and our painter I've been using was too busy. (I need him to say, "Sure, I'll be there tomorrow!!" Not happening.) So I took the paint I had in the garage that I bought TWO YEARS AGO to Lowes, had them shake it up a bit and went after it.

Did I mention our bedroom has a high ceiling that goes up about 15 feet? Yeaaaahhhh. Turns out it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I got it all done (between naps and after bedtime) in a couple days. We were so thrilled with the result, and I am reminded again that no one should live with white walls!! You will be so amazed at the difference with color surrounding you.

Then...I have been wanting to redo our powder room for months now and could not find a color I wanted to paint. It came to me as I was finishing up the bedroom -- chocolate brown! So of course, I am obsessed and I had to go to the store immediately to pick out my paint and started painting. I also tore down the old chair rail in the bathroom and bought new molding to replace it.

So I apologize for my absence the past week, but I've been painting the bedroom, tearing down chair rail in the bathroom, painting two coats of chocolate paint, painting the ceiling, putting up new chair rail, replacing the light fixture and installing crown molding...and I'm still not done. And this is all during nap time and at night. I rock.

Although my husband always loves the end result, he thinks I may have a problem. :) I think he may be right. I just get such a thrill when I get going on projects and I can't stop. I promise to post pictures (the camera was left out of town over the weekend) and promise to post more this week! Thanks for your patience.