Sorry, I didn't post much last week, did I?? I will make up for it, I swear. I have made a ton of progress on our powder room and for the most part, now comes the easy stuff...

Here are the before pictures. I used to love the burgundy and tan walls, but the colors were getting old, and this room is where I first tried my hand at chair rail...I was a novice and it showed. I didn't know how to miter corners, so I used base board pieces on all the corners. It looked OK but now that I know how to do it for real, it had to be redone. :)

The mirror was way too big for this space, the light fixture was a very nice one but I didn't love it, and I had never placed the chair rail at the right height, so it didn't continue on the sink wall. One thing I did love about the room were the empty frames. They were always a topic of discussion when someone went in for the first time! I loved them! But I'm planning on using them in our bedroom now, so it's a good way to save money.

Here are the after pictures. I redid everything -- chair and crown molding, the light, paint, the ceiling and even the light switch covers!

I think it is completely different, which is what I needed! The only thing that bothers me, that I can't really get around, is that I couldn't put the chair rail high enough to clear the sink. The molding I tore done left damage to the walls, so I had to put the new chair rail up exactly where the old was. What you can't see here is that I have raised stencils I had put above the sink, so they help to distract from the molding not continuing across. I'm going to paint the stencils the same bronze color as the mirror and light fixture so they will pop a bit.

I still need to paint all the molding, but other than that, it's the fun stuff -- accessories! I need a new rug, and definitely something for the walls. Believe it or not, this room has perplexed me more than any when it comes to the walls. Even though it's tiny, there really is a ton of wall space and it's hard to get a nice balance between too much and too little. Thanks for looking, and I'll be back this week!!