I wouldn't feel right not sharing where to get the BEST finds. There are a few places I frequent all the time that I thought I would share:

Hobby Lobby: This place ROCKS. They have sections of their stuff half off every week -- from silk flowers to frames to endless mirrors, art and home accessories. One of my favorites here is their accessories -- there are thousands to pick from. They have decor for any taste. Plus you can find fun things for kid's rooms and nurseries if you really look. And their holiday decor is great -- and usually half off. But my favorite reason to frequent Hobby Lobby is their lamps. OH my goodness, they are beautiful. Some rival the $250 lamps I sell to clients. And if you catch them half off -- you can get gorgeous lamps for $40 and less. I got one of my favorites there for $30.

Joann Etc./Joann Fabrics: This is also a great place for accessories and crafts. They also have great outdoor items that are usually half off. But the best reason to frequent Joann's is for their fabric. They have a great selection and if you use a coupon or wait for a sale, you can get fabric for up to 50 percent off. This is SUCH a deal -- you just won't find the quality or selection of fabric anywhere else for those prices.

Homegoods/TJ Maxx: These stores are owned by the same company and both offer FABULOUS deals on a variety of items. The Homegoods store had the best selection I've seen anywhere. Beware -- you will probably leave there with something every time you go -- as long as you give yourself enough time to really look. They have an endless selection of lamps, furniture, great rugs, art, accessories and kitchen items. They also have an adorable baby/child section. But my favorite finds are their bedding items. They have such great deals on duvets, bedding sets, comforters, throw pillows, etc. You just can't beat their prices on bedding!

Your local consignment shops: This is my latest find. I found one nearby to drop off things to sell and have now spent double in their shop than I will make from my items selling. Perfect. This is another place you really have to look through, but it is FUN. Such a great variety and great deals. Plus little quirky things that you just won't find anywhere else. Watch it though -- I saw plenty of items from places like Hobby Lobby that I could have just driven down the street to get for half the price. But consignment shops are worth looking up in your area. I was surprised by the quality and range of decor and furniture they sold. If anything, it's just fun to look through when you have some time.

The best thing to do if you are interested in any of these stores is to sign up for e-mails and mailings to get their coupons weekly. That way you'll get the weekly sales ads so you know when to venture out for a specific item you want that may be on sale. Happy shopping!! :)