One of my favorite ways to make what I already have work in a space is to make changes to a lamp. This is such an easy (and CHEAP!) way to make a lamp perfect for your room! Often I will find a lamp base I love but not a shade. Or the base is perfect but the wrong color.

I was looking for a specific look for our living room -- found this and loved the look:
It wasn't the color I wanted and I didn't care for any of the shades, so I spray painted it black and covered a shade I already had to get the colors and look I wanted. This is what I ended up with:

This project was super cheap -- to cover a lamp shade you only need about half a yard of fabric. I think I did this with $5 of fabric. You'll need a hot glue gun to put it on, but it's as simple as wrapping the fabric around the shade and gluing in on! To hide the rough edges around the top and bottom, I add a coordinating trim with the glue gun. You could also get creative and add trim hanging down from the shade too! The glue gun is another fabulous invention -- you can get a glue gun for $2!!
Here's one I did for our office -- again, I found the perfect base but couldn't find anything I liked in a shade, so I covered one!

This is such an easy way to make a room more custom -- and it's so easy! Be careful with fabrics that have stripes. You'll have to pleat the fabric like above, so the stripes keep going the same direction.
In our son's room, I found a soft fabric with stars on it that went PERFECT and I had to use it somehow. This is what I came up with:

You can transform just about any lamp with spray paint and fabric! Go buy a glue gun!!