I really can't quite believe I'm actually starting a blog!! Before two years ago, I had no clue what chat boards were, what "posting" was, and what "dh" stood for. (That would be "dear husband.") But then I got pregnant, and every little twinge sent me flying to the computer to search what ailed me. This, we all know, is not a good idea. But since then I have also found the Internet to be a valuable resource for decorating ideas as well. There are sites I have become quite obsessed with that I will share with you along the way.

I have enjoyed home decor in all it's forms for years, and recently followed my dream and became an interior decorator after our son was born. It truly has been a dream come true. Although some of my clients spend a lot of money, and that is VERY fun, I have always found it much more fun to accomplish something fantastic on a budget. And even though we could probably afford to spend more than we do on our decor in our home, I find it so much more rewarding to do it on a budget.

So that brings me back to the blog -- I want to share my thrifty ways with all of you. Whether it is doing a project yourself (you really, really can do it, I swear!) or sharing the best places to find great stuff for a steal, I thought this blog would be the perfect way to pass on the information.

I hope you find it helpful, and be patient with me as I start on my latest project...this one does not require power tools...thank the Lord.