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Thrifty Decor Chick was created in May of 2008, and in the fall of that year started to take off and become more and more popular. Since then, the site has grown every month.

Here are the details of Thrifty Decor Chick's analytics last month (per Blogger stats):
     Approximately 2.6 million page views a month
     Approximately 32,000 subscribers in Google Reader
     More than 53,000 Facebook "likes"

TDC has been featured on television (The Nate Show, Indy Style) and a number of sites, (,, Apartment Therapy). You can check out my Featured tab at the top of my site to see them all.

I offer a variety of advertising options:
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My readers enjoy products or services related to DIY home projects and home decor, similar to those I feature here. I also love to feature fun items like jewelry, photography and gifts -- anything my reader's can pamper themselves with.

I do not do link exchanges or text links.
I do not accept guest posts from businesses.  

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