...on the exotic desert sands of Rajasthan. Soak in the local flavour sitting by the bonfire and listening to the folk songs or wake up to call of peacocks just outside your tents...
The concept of Manvar Desert Camp dates back to the 17th century when Mughal Emperor Jehangir known for his luxurious lifestyle used to set up royal tents with all the amenities during their hunting trips. Manvar Desert Camp has 30 tents arranged in a semi circle around a central 'durbar' hall. The central dining area from where stunning sunrises & sunsets can be seen.The interiors of the tents are extremely luxurious with custom designed block print motifs & large teak wood beds. Huge windows with pull up flaps allow the fresh desert breeze to come in and nets to keep insects out:-)

Live like royalty from the bygone era. Spend some amazing time under the starlit skies of Rajasthan in Manvar Desert Camp.

( images from manvar.com)